One Size Does Not Fit ALL !

HoneycombI hope your week has been filled with laughter and joy.

On Monday we spoke about the different types of meditation that we as a group will be practicing. One size does not fit all . In this group we will experience the following;

We always begin with a expansion breathing technique that incorporates flow of your hands and the breath as I guide you through the process this allows you to enter the space and let go of all distractions from the day.

Candle Meditation; this is the practice we did on Monday. This is a simple mediation technique focus on the flame and if you become distracted gently guide yourself back to the flame and relax this is space to practice. 

Yantra and Mandala Meditation- A Yantra is a 2 or 3 dimensional geometric pattern. When announced I will instruct you on supplies to bring for the Yantra. This is a focal point meditation.

The mandala Meditation is more elaborate design if you have one that you use already bring it with you. I have a book of mandalas that I will have on hand when we practice this meditation I will remind you to bring colored pencils or crayons to complete the design.

Trataka Meditation- exercise in concentration that leads you naturally into a meditative state.

We will work with a static point example when we practice Trataka I will ask for all participants to bring paper and colored pencils or crayons to create your focal point. I will always guide you through the process.

Mantra Meditation-  There are different ways of using mantras. Different tones produce different vibrations, the most powerful is silent,mental repetition, there is a method that we will practice. We will begin with a outer voice tone then a whisper and go into silence, coming out of the meditation I will lguide you with a whisper and bring the tone up to speaking volume and then in silence once again we will hold that vibration and then I will guide you out from silence back into the present. We always end with a healing circle to share this vibration with all who are in need.

Yoga Nidra-  This is one of my favorite when we meet for this stule of relaxation I will ask you to bring yoga mats and or blankets small pillows as you can see you are going to be comfortable and it is guided meditation that truly is a mind body connection. It begins from the toes all the way up to the crown allowing you to reconnect with your true self.

.Yoga nidra, lucid sleeping is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. 

I hope you will join us for the next Meditation gathering . Dont forget the Reiki Gatherings are just as transforming See you soon!