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Dry Brushing Benefits and technique

  Dry Brushing and their Benefits The skin is the largest  cleansing organ in the body and is responsible for 25% of the bodies detox elimination daily. Dry Brushing opens up clogged pores by removing dead skin cells. Dry Brushing also increases your bodies circulation, rejuvenating the nervous system and even improving muscle tone. Improves […]

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Herbal Infusions and their Benefits

          Herbal Infusions and their benefit for Wellness Through my studies of Herbs and Healing diets as part of my syllabus of Natural Medicine I came across Herbal Infusions. I would like to share with you the four most essential Herbal Infusions that have made a tremendous difference in my health! […]

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The Element of Water and the effects of the skin

                                    WATER – the Element  of life and the effects it has on your skin and overall health.                                               […]


Ayurvedic Doshas facial preparing for Winter

    Vata Facial- Cleanser- Organic Milk powder, Lentils, comfrey,  with Lemon and Basil and sandlewood EO, Turmeric ,Haritaki , nutmeg. Facial Oil- Sweet Almond oil, organic essential oils; Lemon, Geranium, Rose, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, and vitaminE Mask-           Benzonite  infused with Rose water , rose E.O and Orange E.O […]


Benefits of letting go!

      Letting go! It is essential before you let go of anything you must first be able to identify who you are and shift the paradigm  and all that that encompasses. Identify and realize that the most effective belief to have about your self is that you are truly beautiful from within! You […]


Origin of Zen Yoga

    What is Zen Yoga? Zen Yoga is a different form of yoga. It is a combined with different philosophies of traditions from eastern region. The philosophy of Zen helps you be mindfully aware in the present moment by improving your concentration. Where did Zen Yoga come from? Yoga originated in India and was […]


Benefits of Zen Yoga

    Through mindful breathwork instruction, in combination with gentle stretching and movement techniques, Zen Yoga can reduce stress, release toxicity, raise metabolism, improve circulation, relieve chronic pain and tension, leading to better health, vigor and longevity. Each part of the body receives sufficient energy and exercise to build strength and flexibility, improves function and […]

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Prepare your skin for Fall!

  Preparing your skin for the Fall is the first step towards Rejuvenation and Renewal of the skin. The health benefits of Therapeutic body treatments are abundant. When you are preparing for a cleanse which is recommended for this time of the season. Your skin can breathe and renew a lot faster and the elimination […]